About us

VKN Financial Services (Pty) Ltd was identified as the initial project of Vis Naidoo focusing on various opportunities unfolding in South Africa and more specifically Insurance Intermediary and Consulting.

Market Focus

It is absolutely important for a broker to have good relations with the market in order for them to have their claims settled and also for the broker to obtain competitive quotes.

Executive Summary

Our focus has and will continue to be underpinned by the dedication to providing unparalleled products and services that adds both value and quality to our clients’ needs.

We envisage this to be achieved through:

Knowledgeable,friendly staff that can empathise with our consumers needs and circumstances, especially in handling a loss.
Solutions that meet or exceed the expectations of our clients, and that are affordable, available, and understandable.
Insight when developing and marketing products and services which we offer.


To Whom It May Concern The South African Institute of Professional Accountants (SAIPA) is the second largest accounting institute in South Africa, with almost 7000 full practicing members. It provides services and support to its members throughout the country, as well as internationally. It operates in eleven regions nationwide, as well as through reciprocal agreements with some foreign countries. SAIPA uses VKN Financial Services (PTY) Ltd, herein- after referred to as VKN, as an insurance broker for its short- term insurance broking needs (moveable and immovable assets), its Directors …