To whom it may concern

VKN has been superb in providing efficient, professional and friendly services. I was initially concerned with moving my short-term insurance over to VKN, but have been given competitive premiums with efficient service. This is combination very seldom offered by service companies in SA.

Kind regards

Vernon Naidoo

Chief Financial Officer

Johannesburg Social Housing Company (Pty) Ltd

Johannesburg Social Housing Company (Pty) LtdJohannesburg Social Housing Company (Pty) LtdJohannesburg

I am Ms Nondumiso Gila, ID no. 7207020805085, and I have been employed at Freedom Park since 01 October 2003. I’m an Executive PA to the Chief Financial Officer and I am responsible for the insurance portfolio.

This is to certify that VKN Financial Services Pty Limited, has been doing business with Freedom Park since the 29th April 2008. During this period of doing business with them, we have been treated with the highest level of professionalism.

According to our records they have paid our claims within fourteen (14) days, if we have submitted all the documentation within the stipulated time.

Freedom Park

To Whom It May Concern

National Pride Trading 4 (Pty) Ltd is an independent manufacturing plant. National Pride Trading 4 (Pty) Ltd specializes in the manufacturing of disposable baby diapers. National Pride Trading 4 (Pty) Ltd is the leading manufacturer of baby diapers in South Africa.

National Pride Trading 4 (Pty) Ltd found it necessary to have a good insurance broker and thus chose VKN Financial Services (Pty) Ltd to handle all its insurance needs.

We decided to choose VKN Financial Services (Pty) Ltd for the following reasons:

A) VKN Management is exceptionally knowledgeable in insurance…

National pride Trading 4 (Pty) Ltd

To Whom It May Concern:

This serves to confirm that VKN Financial Services Pty Limited has been our Business Insurance Broker since 2007.

We have found them to be highly professional in the way they handle our Insurance Portfolio. Their experienced team quickly processes insurance claims and always ensures that claims are paid promptly. They also quickly respond to any of our queries and they always go the extra mile to assist us with our insurance needs.

We are overly impressed with the excellent services we get from VKN Financial Services Pty Limited and regard them as one of the leading Bla…

KLM Setati Foods

On behalf of Sumis€™ Fitment Centre T/A Kwik-Fit Johannesburg, I would like to extend my gratitude and appreciation to VKN Financial Services for the manner in which we, the client, have been serviced and kept in the loop of things by your well mannered, warm and friendly consultant, Ms Dale Stone.

She has guided us and assisted us through many unfortunate claims and have advised us on important procedures that have saved the company lots of time and money.

It is a pleasure working with Ms. Stone and look forward to her monthly visits and emails to keep us updated on our Insurance policies.


Kwik Fit Johannesburg

To Whom It May Concern

The South African Institute of Professional Accountants (SAIPA) is the second largest accounting institute in South Africa, with almost 7000 full practicing members. It provides services and support to its members throughout the country, as well as internationally. It operates in eleven regions nationwide, as well as through reciprocal agreements with some foreign countries.

SAIPA uses VKN Financial Services (PTY) Ltd, herein- after referred to as VKN, as an insurance broker for its short- term insurance broking needs (moveable and immovable assets), its Directors and Of…


Dear Mr Naidoo,

We at Dayta Trucking would like to say that you have an excellent team at your company! We have always received excellent service from each and every person. From the moment the call gets answered at switchboard/reception to anyone else, everyone is very pleasant and helpful. Not to mention the speedy replies to our queries and questions.

Please pass on this message to each and every staff member that they must keep up the good work and professionalism. It is must appreciated!

Kind Regards

Dayta Trucking

Dayta TruckingJohannesburg

MerSETA is the Manufacturing, Engineering and Related Services Education and Training Authority. It facilitates skills development in 44,000 companies in the Metal and Engineering, Automotive Manufacturing, Motor Retail and Component Manufacturing, Tyre Manufacturing and Plastics sectors of the economy. The MerSETA has a head office in Johannesburg and nine regional offices.

The MerSETA has utilized the insurance broking services of VKN Financial Services (Pty) Ltd to handle all its insurance needs covering moveable assests, leased buildings and Directors and Officers Liability since 2008. Mer…