What makes Saipa Assetsure different from the rest?

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October 7, 2016
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November 16, 2016

What makes Saipa Assetsure different from the rest?



√          Internet based

√          No other insurer can compete with the Pricing, Methodology and Process

√          Designed specifically for SAIPA members

√          Based on Revenue

√          Easy to understand and user friendly

√          Price is up to 50{f92ed3c07130d1d1f7afdfa9419415a96097991b3cd0130fcc5c47b28583da4c} cheaper than the market norm for the same covers

√          Previous claims are ignored

√          Average does not apply

√          Takes up to 5 minutes to get a quotation

√          Policy issued within 5 hours of acceptance date

√          SAIPA owns and endorsed the brand


Visit www.saipa.co.za or www.vknfs.co.za for more information and to obtain an instant no obligation quotation! 

For any queries on the product please contact Ms. Dale Stone: 

  • Work: 011 023 7265
  • Email: dale@vknfs.co.za
  • Cell: 076 594 8380

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