Market Focus

Market Focus

The insurance industry works on the principal that when a client requests quotations or when you have to submit a tender, it is mandatory that you deal with insurers through email, fax, telephone or even personal visits to insurers. Either the insurer will visit you or you make arrangement to visit them.

It is absolutely important for a broker to have good relations with the market in order for them to have their claims settled and also for the broker to obtain competitive quotes.

It is therefore imperative that strong relationships exist. Whilst VKN Financial Services Pty Ltd is 14 years in business, Vis Naidoo our Director and our staff have a combined more than 100 years of insurance experience of dealing with the insurance industry and with various insurers. We underwrite an annual client premium of R 26,000,000.00 and we negotiate with insurers on a daily basis.

Our experience and track record is evident at the gross premium income which VKN Financial Services Pty Ltd has acquired over a very short period of time.

Our Markets:
  • Chartis Insurance Company Limited
  • Astra Maritime Underwriting Managers
  • C & G Underwriting Managers
  • Camargue Underwriting Managers
  • Capim Underwriting Managers
  • Commercial Industrial Acceptance
  • Hollard Insurance Company
  • Heavy Commercial Vehicle Underwriting Managers
  • Leppard and Associates Pty Ltd
  • New National Assurance Company Limited
  • Santam Insurance Company
  • Mutual & Federal Insurance Company
  • Senate Transit Underwriting Managers
  • Bryte SA Insurance Company
  • Glenlib
  • Santam
  • Artsure
  • Aquarius Underwriting Managers
  • Genric
  • Abelard Underwriting Agency
  • 1com