We move from a premise that major clients require a well-resourced professional outfit to champion its short term insurance portfolio and spearhead the implementation of its risk management programme. For these reasons VKNFS dedicates a crack service team whose responsibilities are clearly set outlined.

1. Placing of Insurance
  • Assist clients with the gathering and preparation of underwriting information.

  • Develop, recommend, negotiate and place insurance and/or risk financing programmes (including contracts, techniques and methods) of all cover required.

2. General Administration
  • Administrator all aspects of the insurance and relationship with insurance companies including, but not limited to, issues such as billing in connection with selected programmes, reporting data and compliance with negotiated requirements.
  • Organise and conduct monthly claims reviews.
  • An integrated team of dedicated employees will provide the clients with an insurance schedule for all coverage.
  • Carry out the instructions of the clients against mutually agreed deadline dates and standards.
  • Maintain records in respect of the clients insurance coverage and risk management programme.
3. Capability to negotiate competitive insurance premiums for all insurance covers required

VKNFS has demonstrated throughout this presentation that as a historically disadvantaged SMME we posses the skills, infrastructure and resources to handle the clients insurances. Over the years we have developed strong relationships with the insurance industry.

We have a delegated authority with Zurich Insurance Company SA Limited, Hollard Insurance Company, New National Insurance Company and Chartis Insurance Company Limited who has given us the authority to be able to issue policies, collect premiums, appoint loss adjusters and settle claims up to a certain amount.

The delegate authority gives us the mandate to appoint assessors which gives us a competitive edge over other brokers. We have grown from a R 0.00 premium income in July 2000 to a gross premium income of R 26 000 000.00 as at December 2012. This relationship with insurers allows us to access the critical mass required to negotiate competitive premiums for our clients.

Our knowledge and experience enables us to negotiate all types of short term insurance products without exception.